Hertfordshire County Netball Association - About Us

Hertfordshire is one county association of England Netball, the National Governing Body. The county is administered by a committee, with representatives from each of the leagues in Hertfordshire, the technical committees and other officers. Its Constitution and Bylaws are consistent with England Netball’s Constitution which govern the way in which Netball is provided in the county.

The HCNA is supported by a network of unpaid but passionate volunteers administering Leagues, Clubs and Members. We are always seeking more volunteers to support the delivery of the Great Game of Netball. If you are interested in joining our committee, please take a look at our vacancies.

Hertfordshire is a strong Netball county with a history that goes back to the early days of Netball in England. The County has over the recent years, produced many innovative ideas that have been adopted nationally. In short, Hertfordshire is a creative and forward looking county, with an ethos of Netball for All.

Hertfordshire has always sought to develop Junior Clubs and Junior Sections of senior clubs and hence provide a Player Centred environment.This model specifically provides the link between those children who have learnt the basic skills through to their development to the England Netball National Programme.

Additionally, there are the County and Satellite Netball Academies within our Performance Pathway.

Below lists the areas within Hertfordshire, each of these areas has Sports Development Officers (SDOs) of the Local Authorities and the newly established School Sport Partnerships with their PDMs.

HCNA also provides support in the provision of netball for the disabled, in particular mild learning difficulties (MLD), the socially deprived and ethnic minorities.

Hertfordshire Districts

1. North Herts 6. Welwyn/ Hatfield
2. Stevenage 7. Broxbourne
3. East Herts 8. Three Rivers
4. Dacorum 9. Watford
5. St. Albans 10. Hertsmere

If you are interested about Netball in Hertfordshire, please do get in touch!